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Although this is the first version of the Mantis to be released, it is essentially MKII. MKI was finished and tested during the summer of 2011, however there were several mechanical and hydraulic issues that needed to be resolved, including the removal of the fourth leg axis (ankle joint) which is the most obvious difference between MKI and MKII.


Weight / Size:

1950Kg with cab and engine cowling.

5 metre diameter neutral standing position.

4.2 x 2.2 metre storage position on trailer.


Engine Unit:

1 x Perkins 2.2 Turbo Diesel Engine rated at 42kw continuous use.

1 x 20 litre fuel tank.


Hydraulic Power Pack:

1 x Variable displacement pump - 165 bar @ 150lpm max.

1 x gear pump (oil cooling) - 3 bar @ 20 to 50lpm.

1 x Hydraulic oil cooler @ 11kw max.

1 x 2.8l Bladder accumulator @ 135bar pre-charge.

1 x 70 litre finned Reservoir.


Hydraulic Actuators (measurements in mm):

6 x 50 bore, 36 rod, 350 stroke

6 x 50 bore, 28 rod, 320 stroke

2 x 50 bore, 28 rod, 360 stroke

4 x 40 bore, 28 rod, 300 stroke


Hydraulic Valves & Components:

18 x 4WREE proportional spool valves.

18 x Solenoid operated safety block pilot valves.

36 x Pilot operated pressure relieving check valves @ 200 bar.

1 x Electrically operated proportional pressure relief valve.

1 x Accumulator safety block with electrically operated dump valve.

1 x Hydraulic filter with check valve.


Computers / Electronics:

1 x PC-104 Linux PC running HexEngine.

1 x Grayhill panel PC running WinCE for Operator Interface.

2 x Operator Control Units on 250kbps CAN bus (dsPIC).

1 x Engine Control Unit (dsPIC) on 500kbps CAN bus.

1 x Hydraulic Control Unit on 500kbps CAN bus.

1 x Engine display panel on RS232 bus.

6 x Actuator PID Control and feedback units (dsPIC) on 500kbps CAN bus.

1 x General purpose I/O unit for lighting (dsPIC) on 250kbps CAN bus.

1 x Power Distribution Unit.

1 x Four port Ethernet hub.

1 x Long range WiFi access point.



6 x Force transducers @ 50Kn max.

6 x Ankle ball joint angle sensors.

1 x Body Inclinometer.

1 x FlowHUB flow rate sensor.

13 x 250bar ASIC hydraulic pressure sensors.

1 x Oil temperature transducer.

1 x Hydraulic analogue manometer.

Many technical images and videos are available on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Or take a look at the build blog, which Matt Denton kept as a diary during the build process.


All material (C) Matt Denton - Micromagic Systems 2012

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